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My Favourite Computer Game : The Sims 2

What´s happening  in my neightbourhood today? Well, Jack and Jennie are having lunch . Mike,  their neightbour , is working - he´s  a teacher  at the local chool. Sue , Mike´s wife, is having  a shower at home . This sounds normal. But I´m talking about the neightbourhood in my Sims 2 game so these people aren´t real!!   

In The Sims 2 , you can build houses , streets and neightbourhoods. You can also create imaginary people and families. You can choose their faces and bodies and give then names and personalities.Obrázok

Your virtual people go to  work. They have a swim at the local pool or relax at home. They have parties and go out at night. Babies grow up :adults get old and die. You control  their lives but this can be difficut. Characters  get unhappy  when you make a bad decision.

The world of The Sims  is great fun because it is very realistic. The clocks in the houses show  the real time and characters watch real programmes on television. When two people play chess, they move the pices  in a real game . And  when you click on their heads, you can see what they are thinking and feeling!_

In The Sims 2  , you can´t  ´win´ or ´lose´  but you can certainly have fun !